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Dental Loan Repayment

Through the FIND Project, new graduates or practicing dentists can receive education loan repayment to help address the oral health care needs of underserved Iowans. The loan repayment program includes two levels of funding based on county designation.

  • $200,000 over a 5-year period for a dentist serving in a high-priority county
  • $125,000 over a 5-year period for a dentist serving in a priority or non-designated county

As the aging population of dentists in Iowa retires and communities are unable to find new dentists to take over their practices, more small Iowa communities will lack easy access to oral health care.

Iowa Find Project

FIND dentists have made a significant impact on improving the oral health and overall health in their communities.

2023-2024 Map of Priority/High Priority Counties.

Priority High Priority Counties in Iowa